Summary of Course Evaluations

Bowling Green State University

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Western Kentucky University

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  • The classroom environment was phenomenal. I truly felt that I could say whatever I wanted and not be judged. Lena is not a judgmental person, and genuinely wanted to hear all of our opinions.

  • “I never considered myself enjoying an English class until now. Thank you for making it a fun, enjoyable, while challenging class. I learned a lot about my writing style, topics I'd never thought about before, and went deeper in my thought process while writing. Definitely recommending to other students.”

  • “I loved the class and Ms. Ziegler as well! She was really understanding of my medical issues and was willing to meet with me outside of class to make sure I understood the material. Would definitely take another course taught by her.”

  • “The strength of the course was the idea that everyone had a voice and was able to freely write/talk about what they wanted to pertaining to these controversial topics. Throughout the course, Ms. Ziegler supported her students and helped us thrive to be the best writers we could.”

  • “By far my favorite teacher. She is so kind and understanding and helped a lot through the semester. I don’t see any weaknesses in her teaching. I think she teaches perfectly.”

  • “You...have...been an amazing teacher! I believe that I have learned a lot while in your class. I like how enthusiastic you are and the way you deliver your criteria, really makes learning all not that bad! 100/100”

  • “I have absolutely loved taking this class and have thoroughly enjoyed having this professor. She has made me feel that my opinions matter and is one of my favorite professors that I have had since being at WKU. I would recommend this professor to all of my friends.”

  • “I was allowed to speak my mind regardless of if people agreed or disagreed.”

  • “This was my favorite class of the semester. It was a very calm, fun environment which made it easier to learn.”

  • “The strengths of the course were the assignments. Everything was helpful in furthering my understanding of writing. Ms. Ziegler is a phenomenal teacher.”

  • “Ms. Ziegler was hands down the best writing teacher I’ve ever had, with a combination of great knowledge and a friendly attitude which made me comfortable with participating in class. She made it very easy to follow along and learn the material. I really wouldn’t suggest any changes, this was one class I could say I actually enjoyed.”

  • “One of my favorite classes I have taken. My favorite professor thus far.”

  • “Loved the atmosphere of the class, never a dull moment.”

  • “I really liked the conferences we had and the time we got to work in class helped a lot. Also the class was challenging and it made me have to do my essays earlier than I’m used to, which made me have to work a little harder.”

  • “Something that really stuck out was the privilege walk. Seeing how different everyone is in their home lives is interesting.”

  • "No real 'lectures'. She had conversations with us and allowed us to respond freely. Amazing conversations."

  • "Thank you for being the most amazing teacher I had ever had, all while feeling like a friend. You taught me so much about writing and life and I cannot even thank you enough."

  • "I cannot even begin to list. I learned how to write some of the most beautiful words I have ever came up with and put them together into something creative, funny, and enlightening. I wish everyone could have this class and Lena."

  • "I learned about myself and what matters most."

  • "I really gained the skill of writing with intention. This is going to be a very useful skill to have as I progress through my career. It really helps when trying to generate a narrative that makes sense."

  • "Such an amazing class I cannot even put into words. Made me feel confident as a person, as a writer, provided knowledge on writing styles I had never gotten to experience, allowed me
    to be creative, silly, serious, get out stuff I have carried in my heart for years."
    • "The reading material was really spread out and there was something for everyone to enjoy. The discussion at the beginning of class was very helpful to collect all your thoughts."
    • "I loved the course and it was very different than any course that I've taken. I liked that for our writings we could talked about almost anything that was on our minds. It was very relaxing and
    healing at times. I think we did have a lot of assignments, but they were spaced enough to get them done."
    • "Allowed us to be creative and vulnerable/real with ourselves and who we are."
    • "The organization of this class was amazing, and pretty seamlessly transitioned into online teaching. The free writes were especially helpful to me, as I really just spoke and didn't worry about format/organization. It was a great exercise to quickly get out my ideas."

  • "The classroom environment was phenomenal. I truly felt that I could say whatever I wanted and not be judged. Lena is not a judgmental person, and genuinely wanted to hear all of our opinions."