My dissertation, A Revisionist History of Loving Men: An Autoethnography and Community Research of Naming Sexual Abuse in Relationships is an interdisciplinary, multi-genre exploration of sexual violence and how the limited language available to discuss it impacts women’s abilities to both name and acknowledge their experiences as valid. Utilizing a feminist theoretical framework employing Muted Group theory as a primary disruption to naming experiences of sexual violence, this project positions the context of romantic relationships, as well as the cultural normalization of sexually violent behavior as regular, heterosexual sex, as key factors contributing to the perpetration of American rape culture.  In partnering with the Northwest Ohio chapter of a nationally recognized women’s organization, I recruited and interviewed women whose experiences with sexual violence led them to pursue victim advocacy. Blending literary memoir, scholarship, and qualitative research, this project demonstrates the struggle both myself, and other victims of sexual violence, have in coming to terms with their own survivorship. This research contributes to the field of English by grounding theories of language in the practical applications and insights they offer advocacy and social justice efforts. Additionally, by invoking an evocative auto-ethnographic method, this project illustrates my commitment to the powerful rhetorical affordances of blending creative work with research when advocating for cultural change.

Research Honors and Awards

Bowling Green State University Distinguished Dissertation Award (Nominated May 2021)

Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition President-'s Dissertation Award (Nominated May 2021)

Rhetoric and Writing Dissertation Research Fellowship, Bowling Green State University, English Department (Recipient May 2020)

Charles E Shanklin Award in Research Excellence, Bowling Green State University, Graduate College (Finalist April 2020)

Academic Publications

“A Revisionist History of Loving Men: Exploring Consent and Sexual Violence in Heterosexual Relationships,” MeToo, Feminist Theory, and Surviving Sexual Assault in the Academy, ed. By Laura Gray-Rosendale, Lexington Books (2020).


Book Review:

Bad Ideas About Writing, ed. by Cheryl E. Ball and Drew M. Loewe. Kairos, (Forthcoming) Digital.


Digital Exhibit. “Voices, Visions, and Public Memories.” Bowling Green State University Libraries, May 2018. https://digitalgallery.bgsu.edu/student/exhibits/show/troublingmemories

In Progress

“Virtuous Women: An Exploration of the Feminist Ideologies in the Social Purity and Free Love Movements of Late Nineteenth-Century America.” target journal: Peitho.

“Breathe Full/Burn Empty: A Separate History of Violation,” target journal: Art/Research International

“Bruises Not Quite Healed: Teaching Creative Writing Students to Respect the Limits of their Hearts and Voices,” target journal: Writing on the Edge

“Big Girls Love Too: Examining the Shaming and Fetishizing of Female Fatness.” target journal: Popular Culture Review

Research Teams

Project Director: Dr. Neil Baird

This multi-year, mixed methods study, part of the 2019-2020 Elon Research Seminar on Writing Beyond the University, seeks to learn how alumni engage prior writing knowledge when learning to write at work. Data will help us better understand writing transfer and help develop a writing across the curriculum program at BGSU. Team members will help interview, transcribe, and code data.

Conference Presentations & Workshops

““Teach Me How to Be Ok:” Examining Responses to Bowling Green State University’s ‘6- Word Memoir’ Community Writing Project.”

       Lifespan Writing Conference, Athens, OH, (Rescheduled to July 2021 Due to Covid-19)


"Applying a Tourniquet to Hemorrhaging Shame: Rhetorics of Menstruation,” panel planned and organized with Brandie Bohney,

       CCCC, Milwaukee, WI, 2020 (Accepted – cancelled due to Covid-19)

"Woman Must Write Herselve": Exploring the Value of Visceral and Confessional Writing in Publication," with Erin Slaughter

        C.D. Wright Women Writer's Conference, Conway, AR, November 2019


"Write What You Know": Exploring Trauma in Cross-Genre Research and Writing," panel chair/organizer, with Annie Cigic and Shay Hawkins

         21st Century Englishes Conference, Bowling Green, OH, November 2019

"Bruises Not Quite Healed: Teaching Creative Writing Students to Respect the Limits of their Hearts and Voices,"

         College English Association of Ohio, Findlay, OH, April 2019

“Leave No Woman Behind: Contradictions and Complications in the Rhetorics of Womanhood,” with Brandie Boehney, Bailey Poland, Renee Drouin, and Tammie Southall

CCCC, Pittsburgh, PA, March 2019


“’Please be Real and Ready to Meet,’ An Exploration of Pleasure, Anonymity, and Sexual Longing in Craigslist Personal Ads,”

Rice University Pleasure Conference, Houston, TX, February 2019

“I said it, I was wrong, I apologize: The Predicament of Public Apology in the #MeToo Movement,”

Cultural Rhetorics Conference, East Lansing, MI, November 2018


“Consent as After Birth: An Examination of Sexual Trauma and Consent in the Writing Classroom,”

Northeast Modern Language Association Conference, Pittsburgh, PA April 2018


“Sex and (Self)Shaming: Exploring the Intersections of Kink, Sexual Desire,   and Ideology,”

Ray Browne Conference on Cultural and Critical Studies                 

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green OH, April 2018


“Overcoming Challenges at the Start of Graduate Study,” with Presentation with Brandie Boehney, Bailey Poland, Brian Urias, Randy Meyer, and Renee Drouin.

21st Century Englishes Conference, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, October 2017


“Approaches to Creative Nonfiction,” with Erin Slaughter, Clinton Craig, and Leigh Cheak

SOKY Bookfest Presenter & Workshop Leader, Bowling Green, KY April 2016


SKYTC Wordsmiths, Fiction/NonfictionWorkshop Leader with Erin Slaughter

South Central Kentucky Community and Technical College, Bowling Green, KY, April 2016